ReCover, founded and developed by expert makeup artist Annabel Jardella, is a new innovation in makeup. Watch our launch video to discover more about the inspiration behind the products.

About our Founder

ReCover founder Annabel Jardella knows better than most about colour corrective makeup. A professional makeup artist for 25 years, working on films such as Evita, Gladiator and Sense & Sensibility, plus teaching at the renowned Delamar Academy (the UK’s leading makeup school, which is affiliated with the University of West London) Annabel is a seasoned expert when it comes to makeup application.

But she wasn’t always destined for makeup artistry, originally helping her father in his restaurant learning about fine cookery. When Annabel was 16, an accident left her skin scarred on her feet,  requiring skin grafts and a hospital stay of 3 months. Not one to let the accident hold her back, and having had her nose stuck in Vogue since she was 12, Annabel was inspired to go to Milan and learn under some of the best makeup artists of the time.Busy creating makeup on and off screen, she also taught herself the art of camouflage makeup, igniting a lifelong passion for this area of makeup.

Using her specialised knowledge, and affiliation with the Skin Camouflage Network, Annabel loved to magically ‘erase’ redness, blemishes, under eye darkness and even tattoos for her clients. She has always mixed her own products, but noticing technology in makeup formulations improve, she decided to create her own line for everyday wear. She wanted a solutions-based concealer range that utilised her insider knowledge to tackle specific issues. Using colour theory Annabel has created a carefully edited range of targeted colour corrective products to neutralise a range of skin challenges. The pigment packed formulations ensure complete colour correction yet with a super fine layer.

My professional expertise has always allowed me to ‘erase’ imperfections, redness and blemishes but my clients were often unsure how to use dense textures and traditional concealers. New formulation technology has allowed me to create the next generation of concealers that are easy to use at home or on the go, are super lightweight and really work. I believe that feeling inner confidence helps to create your outer beauty.. – Annabel Jardella.