What People Say

Customer feedback and interaction is really important to us and we've had a lot of commentary from product users. Here’s what just some of them have to say:

Our Testimonials
I have used this product on a lot of my clients and they absolutely love how it feels on their skin. It feels like a cream, invisible and not cakey. I love the way it can hide so much but yet feel so light. All of my clients have loved it and I do too.
Jemma B, Salon Director and MUA
Due to my area of work, I don’t use much makeup. However, at the same time, working in harsh environments can leave me with a little redness on areas of the skin on my face, especially around my nose or on my chin. So a product like Recover that levels out the red skin tones in a natural way is ideal. And the fact that I don’t look like I have makeup on is major a plus factor. Amazing product!
Melody Sky - Outdoor Filmmaker and Photographer
Your product is amazing! I feel so much more confident wearing this than the well known brand I have been using. I get such an even, light and complete coverage just where I need it, without it looking unnatural . More people need to know about what you can do for them
S Davidson
"I don’t like to wear much makeup and never wear foundation but I tried ReCover and was really impressed by how light and comfortable it felt to wear, and what a difference it made to my skin tone."
Beanie De Le Rue, Outdoor film producer
"this is the best solution I have ever found to bring down my red cheeks. I shall be a dedicated customer."
Christine Groundwater
"The product is still looking great after I have taught a dance class for 3 hours."
Natasha Boyle, performing artist and dance teacher
"this is one of the best beauty products I have ever purchased!"
Ruth Mayes
Thank you ReCover Cosmetics for your Correct & Conceal Red... it works like a dream for covering up any redness - I highly recommend it.
Annie Botta
"......thank you ReCover. You have totally changed how I feel about my face and as a single mum who is nearly 40 - that means a LOT!"
Mandy Clinch
"This is a fantastic concealer, super light in texture but a heavyweight in performance with no dragging and no sitting in pores. I'm sold!"
Val Theakstone
"I tried No2 Fair on a lady today, who absolutely loved it, (as did I as the MUA!). She put on the rest of her own makeup as I was doing a workshop, but she came up to me at the end to say thank you."
Kirsten Sare
"I LOVE this product on men as it completely disappears into the skin despite giving great coverage and it's completely undetectable on camera."
Alexa Riva Ravina, Make Up Artist
"..I use it every day. In fact I can’t leave home without it now! I will most definitely be one of your most loyal customers. It’s an amazing product."
Jacqui Read
"..utterly amazing! It really works for me… it really has made a big difference in my confidence when I wear it."
Kate Lomax
"Really impressed with ReCover! My client was thrilled with the results."
Kirsten Sare, Make-Up Artist
“Totally love the concealer you put on me! Stayed on for the whole day perfectly. I would love to purchase some when it's on sale.”
Clare Neave
“The product has stayed on perfectly and I usually suffer with my makeup exposing my pores but this has done the opposite! I'll definitely be purchasing when it comes out.“
Alison Parsons