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Festival beauty solutions
Festival beauty solutions
15 June 2016

Festival beauty solutions


Here’s a 5 minute mini-guide to festival beauty:


    •       Use face wipes to clean your skin if you don’t have running water. Use RMS wipes as they are individually packed so really hygienic to use.

    •       Apply a moisturising SPF, Ultra Sun is a great option. Remember to protect your lips too.

    •       Add a tiny dab of ReCover Correct & Conceal Red to even out skin tone and touch up any redness. Try our new Discovery Packs (stay tuned for more info coming soon) for mini versions of our much loved full size. 

    •       Take a waterproof mascara just in case it rains- I like Lancome Hypnose, or Maybelline Great Lash for a budget version.

    •       Add a bright pop of colour on the lips.  Corals look great with a deep or tan skin tone,  choose a product like Nars The Multiple as this can be used on lips and cheeks.


Our launch product Recover Correct & Conceal Red is the ideal festival beauty must-have. In our new Discovery Packs, coming soon, you’ll find 3 nifty little tubes that will fit in the tiniest of pockets. Here are just a few of the ways Recover Correct & Conceal Red can be your festival beauty saviour…


    •       No bronzer? You can add a hint of a glow to your face using Shade 4 or 5 of Correct & Conceal Red. Just add one pump to your facial moisturiser to fake a hint of a golden glow.

    •       Feeling flushed from a long day in the sun? Cover up any redness with Correct & Conceal Red in an instant.

    •       Strap marks from yesterday looking too obvious in your cold shoulder top? Pat a little Correct & Conceal Red to even out the marks.

    •       Forgotten your foundation? Mix a little Correct & Conceal Red with your moisturiser for a simple way to even out skin tone.                    

    •       Been caught in a downpour? Don’t worry, just tie your hair up, even out skin with Correct & Conceal Red and add a pop of colour on the lips for a fresh faced look.

    •       Streaky fake tan? Don’t worry, just dab a little Correct & Conceal Red to even out the area.

    •       Grassy fields setting off your hay fever? Toning down a red nose with Correct & Conceal Red only takes a moment.




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