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ReCover: your versatile, multipurpose wedding makeup
ReCover: your versatile, multipurpose wedding makeup
10 May 2016

ReCover: the multipurpose must-have for your bridal party


Getting ready for the big day? A little make up knowhow and the right products can help you feel like yourself, only more confident and polished. If you’re the bride, then stay tuned for our next bridal beauty blog all about how to prepare for your wedding day.


In this blog we want to share with you some easy tips to solve any beauty crisis in your bridal party using our ReCover launch product (and even a tip for the groom!).


For your blushing maid of honour

Important events can bring some of us out in mottled or flushed skin on cheeks and neck. If you feel like this or maybe your maid of honour is doing a reading and is worried about blushing, then try a little dot of ReCover Correct & Conceal Red after moisturising, in the area where the blushing occurs normally. One of our customers told us using ReCover made her feel so confident her blush wouldn’t show through, she actually didn’t feel she was blushing at all!


For your traditional auntie

If auntie or a more mature member of your bridal party doesn’t wear make up but still asks to borrow something from your make up bag on the day, offer her ReCover Correct & Conceal Red as it has a light texture and blends away seamlessly giving a natural, but more polished, look.


For your emotional mummy

Hopefully your mum has got her waterproof mascara on, but when we are feeling teary some of us get a red tip of the nose. Simply dot a little ReCover Correct & Conceal Red over the redness and blend gently and nobody will ever know from the photographs!


For anyone who has overindulged the night before

Partying is part and parcel of a wedding but if your best men have had a bit too much before the wedding and are looking a little pasty, then try blending a fine layer of ReCover Correct & Conceal Red on the nose and cheeks. The skin tone will appear more even and polished, and won’t be detectable.


For your groom on the spot

Maybe you haven’t seen him the night before, but what if your best man turns up and tells you that your beloved has an angry red spot on the way? Don’t worry, if the skin is reddening by the moment then send the best man off with your pack of ReCover Correct & Conceal Red as a tiny dot on the red area will fade it into the rest of the skin. I’ve been using it on men on camera during my work on film sets as it doesn’t give a ‘cosmetic’ kind of finish, but just makes skin look more polished.


For the antidote to kissing

Of course you will give your beloved a kiss and also lots of your guests, but this can give you a bit of stubble rash halfway through the proceedings. If stubble rash (which is a slight redness on the skin) appears, simply neutralise it with a dab of ReCover Correct & Conceal Red, and you’ll be ready in an instant.


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