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Makeup that Beats the Heat
Makeup that Beats the Heat
20 July 2016

Makeup that beats the heat


A hot climate and a beautifully made up face can be a challenging combination. Heat is one of the most difficult things to deal with as heat can curdle makeup, make it slip from sweating skin and go patchy and uneven. 


Here are our insider secrets to make sure your makeup beats the heat this Summer…


  • Start with a clean, moisturised face; makeup will slide off an oily or sweaty skin faster as it can’t ‘adhere’ in the way it is designed to. If you have the time, after you’ve cleansed, toned and mosturised wait a few minutes for skincare to settle into the skin properly before applying colour cosmetics.


  • Always remember to apply an SPF to protect skin from ageing and burning UV rays; there are some great primers out there with SPF protection. If traditional suncream makes you breakout, try a facial SPF from a skincare brand you trust. Make sure it’s a sunshield, rather than a moisturiser that contains SPF.


  • Don’t go too heavy with your base in a hot climate. Choose makeup formulations that are sheer and have a lighter coverage, that you can easily blot away and reapply if the product slips on your skin. You may find that you only need to colour correct areas of your face for a fresh look, so use a dab of our versatile ReCover Correct & Conceal Red, and blend gently outwards. This will give the most natural effect and will last. it's especially useful where you've picked up a little sunburn.


  • Check your shade is correct frequently throughout the summer months, as if you have got a little bit of tan, or have had a faux tan, your foundation and concealer shades may need to be deeper too. Our new Discovery Packs are perfect for the Summer as they contain 3 shades, so you can find the perfect match for your skintone. if you’re not sure which to choose watch our helpful video guide to choosing your shade on our Expert advice page.


  • ‘Set’ your foundation by applying a very fine translucent powder with a large powder brush, and sweeping in the direction of the downy hairs on face. Applying makeup with a brush or sponge is advisable in a warm climate as your fingers may be too warm.


  • Try not to keep adding powder and makeup on top of each other, as this combined with sweat will curdle or start to cake. It’s more effective to blot with a tissue, reapply your base to any areas that need it, then add a light dusting of powder.


  • Always keep your colour cosmetics out of the sun, and don’t store them on your windowsill even if it looks pretty, as it could destabilise the formulation and alter the colour. Be aware of what you take to the beach too, as stick formulations can melt, and some foundations could separate or curdle. The other reason to avoid taking your products to the beach is that you could ruin an expensive product by getting sand in it.


  • If the sun is causing you to breakout then read our blog on how to cover and conceal spots, we would also recommend having a facial regularly. If you can’t find time for a facial then a cooling mask with lavender could help to calm your skin,  Guinot Masque Essential is great as it seems to balance skin that is out of sorts.


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